Brass Monkey

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Brass Monkey Fuxing Ladies Night

Free Cocktails for Ladies from 9-midnight (entry is free all night), minimum charge only NT$150 for the guys and a DJ to take you through to last call at 4:00am.

But best of all, you'll only have one day left till the weekend!

An ID is required to enter on Thursdays. Thank you for your cooperation!


銅猴子於每週四晚上9:00至凌晨12:00止,推出專為淑女們設計的新口味特調雞尾酒, 無限供應所有入場淑女!

當晚節目除了免費冰涼仕女特調之外, DJ將為您播放最熱門、最動感的舞曲, 讓您在舞池中盡情發揮您的舞技!請您與各國朋友一起在銅猴子感受小週末的熱情!

Brass Monkey Fuxing 銅猴子復興店
166 Fuxing North Road, Taipei
台北市 復興北路166號
(02) 2547 5050

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