Brass Monkey Fuxing 銅猴子復興店

We are sorry to inform you that the Brass Monkey has closed its Xinyi store. For some of you this is a major blow, we know, as it was a regular place to go for great food and drink, to watch your favorite sports or just hang out with friends.

All is not lost though; you can still enjoy all our great food, drinks, service and atmosphere at the original Brass Monkey on Fuxing North Road where we will shortly be opening during the day and for those early morning games!


儘管如此, 您仍可以到復興北路的銅猴子創始店享受我們的美食、友善的氛圍及全日運動賽事,我們也將會為晨間及日間賽事提早我們的營業時間,非常感謝您的支持。

Brass Monkey Fuxing.